Kris has worked as a bass player, producer, executive producer and label boss through his musical career. Detailed below are the albums produced in each of these phases of his recording history.

Hotel Eingang

The title of Hotel Eingang was an in joke about the first time Chris Farlowe had played in Germany. They checked into their hotel and left to paint the town. When taking a taxi at the end of the evening the driver asked for the name of the hotel, Chris had seen it as they left ‘Hotel Eingang’ he said. The driver was confused at that means ‘Hotel Entrance’! I constantly had to explain the joke to people. There is a live recording on the album of Chris telling the story to an audience in Germany, most of them understood. The album was recorded in 2008 at a studio in Germany owned by keyboardist Frank Tischer who we had met on a festival the previous year. Frank would play keyboards on the album, Miller Anderson on guitar, Paul Burgess on drums and me on bass. It was a very traumatic time, Chris after all the records he has made did not understand the recording process and would constantly complain about sound when it was just basic tracks being recorded. After we had finished the recording, not the final mix, Chris returned home. No sooner had I got home he was on the phone screaming that the bass was too loud and his voice wasn’t loud enough. It took me a while to calm him down and explain that we hadn’t mixed anything yet. Not long after the album’s release on my new label Rokoko Records Chris and I parted company and he hasn’t made an album since.

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