As a Producer Kris worked with Miller Anderson, Jay Tamkin, Chris Bennett and Chris Farlowe.

Miller Anderson

Kris produced Bluesheart, Chameleon, From Lizard Rock and Live – Rockpalast for Miller Anderson. You can buy these albums from Miller Anderson’s online store. Click to buy

Check out Kris and the band playing below.

Jay Tamkin

Kris produced two singles and two albums for Jay Tamkin. The singles were ALMOST Sorted and Going Out Tonight, the albums were Alibi and Sorted.

Cliff Bennett

Kris produced two Cliff Bennett albums, Loud and Clear and Nearly Retired

Got To Get You Into My Life featured on Loud and Clear and was written for Cliff Bennett by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Chris Farlowe

Kris acted as Producer on albums Farlowe that and As Time Goes By as well as on the single I’ll Leave the Light On.

As Time Goes By

Chris had always wanted to record a Jazz album so together with his sax player Pat Crumley and his jazz quartet we recorded one in Jon Heisman’s studio with Jon’s help. There was a problem with the guitarist we used who was really a blues player and not jazz so the multi-talented Clem Clempson from Colosseum, the band which had also featured Chris and Jon.

Farlowe That

A play on words that Chris wanted, sadly a lot of people didn’t get it as I constantly had to explain what it meant! I produced it together with Kenny Denton in his studio (Which would later become mine and Dylan’s) in Chiswick. It featured The Beaker Band with guest appearances from Miller Anderson and the Chanter Sisters who had provided backing vocals on every other albums. Around this time Chris did a lot of work with Van Morrison who provided a song ‘Sitting on Top of the World’. Chris and I went down to have lunch with Van and his manager at his studio ‘The Woolhall’ and listen to some tracks, Chris chose the song. When the backing track was finished we went back to Van’s studio where they recorded the duet vocals together. This track really helped with sales. One track ‘I’ll Leave a Light on’ was released as a single and Chris appeared on Top of the Pops where he recorded the single and ‘Out of Time’ but only the later was broadcast which led me to a long argument with the BBC as the band had sung live and they wanted paying for the PA system. I won in the end by telling them to bill the record company whose record they had promoted.

Sabre Jet

Kris co-produced Sabre Jet’s album – Same Old Brand New – with Andy Scott from Sweet.