As a lifelong professional musician Kris has an impressive guitar collection. Here’s his current collection.

I bought this Kubiki Bass from a small shop in Salibury about 15 years ago, I fell in love with it from the first moment I picked it up. I’ve played many different bass guitars over the years but this is the finest instrument ever! The action perfect and the choice of active and passive pickups offer a wide range of sounds, every bass player should have one.

Hofner Acoustic Bass: The Hofner HA-B03 acoustic bass.

This Rickenbacker was the first decent guitar I bought. Purchased in 1969, second hand and painted black! I removed the black paint to find the original finish still there, although slightly sanded to remove the shine before painting. The only original part missing is the whammy bar that I removed and lost years ago.

Kris endorses Hofner Guitars, made in Germany, he plays the Club Bass.
I use this one for mainly the uptempo, rock n roll type numbers.

Washburn Electro acoustic that Kris uses for some shows.

For playing bass I use the Steve Clayton heavy pick specially made for me with the caricature by the late, great Babz Bell. She was a close friend who did a lot of the CD covers featured here, sadly she died at the age of 55 from cancer, I miss her.