A Mod’s Story

A Mod’s Story is Kris’s latest book published on Kindle and available to buy on Amazon. Check out The Book Review, with Kris and hosted by John Peter’s discussing how the book evocatively capture’s the spirit of those times.

Harry York was a mod back in the 70’s when he and his friends locked horns with Terry Weismann, a Rocker and his gang, one sunny day in Brighton but the fight was interrupted by a young lady by the name of Rita. Twenty five years later Harry and Terry have decided it was time they revisited their ‘unfinished business’ so they both round up their old friends for a final showdown.

Meanwhile Harry, who is still close to Rita, meets and befriends a young man by the name of Charlie Conrad who is having problems with some local bullies as well as his father. Charlie shows interest in helping rebuild Harry’s scooter and listening to his collection of Mod music. Rita is happy to help but is against the idea of the showdown the two old rivals are planning.

‘A Mod’s Story’ paints an accurate picture of the mod era from the seventies with rich portrayals of the main characters of Harry, Terry, Rita and Charlie. Will they have that ‘final showdown’ and if so, what will be the outcome?

A must read for anyone interested in the Mods and Rockers era, a snap shot of life in Britain during those times.