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Film – Borstal

Forty years after his stay in Borstal Kris wrote a light hearted account of his time there in 1971 which was published in 2010. Signed copies can be found on this site and A film based on the book was made at the end of 2016 and released on DVD in April 2017 with the name changed to ‘Borstal’. Kris wrote some of the script. As well as being Executive Producer, writing and performing most of the music he also had a small part playing his own grandfather.

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Most of the soundtrack was written by Kris and recorded in Bad Honnef Germany at his musical partner Johannes Kuchta’s studio. Johannes played keyboards, saxophone and drums while Kris played guitar, banjo and bass. Johannes also contributed some instrumental pieces.

The film was directed by Stephen M. Smith and is distributed by 101 Films, check out the Borstal Film on Facebook.

Kris is currently working on another film script and two more books.