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As I like to leave my personal stamp on things I thought I'd add a Blog page to my site. 

In the fullness of time many more pearls of wisdom will appear here so, if you have any comments re what's on this page then please email me HERE, thanks  Looking forward to hearing from you soon then!

Hi Bloggers!
So after the riots of last week someone thinks it's a good idea to kettle the police to give them a taste of their own medicine, good luck with that chaps, a few more cracked skulls I think. What you have to remember is that although we all think that MP's are elected as the voice of the people, that's the last thing they are. They are pushed and cajoled into voting the way the party wants them to vote, what you want isn't even considered.
14th Dec 2010

Even if one MP abstains or votes against the party whip, they will be in the minority and will be shunned by the elite of their party. The UK is not a democracy no matter how much the powers that be try to convince us that it is, if it were this bill to increase fees would never have got further than a preliminary chat. One million said no to the war in Iraq but we still got it, thanks to our Tony wanting desperately to be the vice president of the USA.  

Of course the trouble was started by the professional rioters, who would have started something no matter which way the vote had gone. The fascist police didn't need much of an excuse to start cracking skulls and of course no matter who dies in these riots, no policeman ever gets prosecuted no matter what the evidence shows. It would only take one man to stand up and really be the people's representative, to be the face and voice of common sense, and really mean it, then perhaps we'll get the government and country we all want.                                                                                                            KG

Bah Humbug!

Welcome to my first blog, over the next few weeks, months, years even you will probably see me whinging about something or another. Today is the 22nd of November and we are on collision course with Christmas, bah humbug!

It was ok when my son was small but now it's most definitely bah humbug! I'd be quite happy if they cancelled it, quoting Alan Rickman in Robin Hood. I mean it starts in October now, I know some people wish it could be Christmas every day, but not me! I'm off to Luxembourg tomorrow for a couple of gigs with Miller,  just the two of us, nice little cafe about 30K outside the city, if you're nearby come and see us, I might even buy you a beer!                                                                                              KG

22nd Nov 2010
Funny you should say that as I was actually contemplating decking my halls with Christmas Humbugs - the stripy, minty kind that is - all neatly taped to bits of string and hung like... and also to keep in with the Christmas/Humbug Spirit I was thinking about buying packets of, nay JARS of humbugs for all my very best pals...BUT postage would be a bit of a HumBugger there.   Oh well, guess you're right again. It's Bah. Humbug here to!                                                                                                                                                     Barking Madonna