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Kris Gray


This is the home page of Kris Gray - musician, record producer, music agent/manager and writer. Come on in!


Gray and Wyatt Tour Dates


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Oct 11th - Godorferburg - Wesseling
Oct 12th - Klein Landcafe - Kerpen (Eifel)
Oct 16th - Tube - Dusseldorf
Oct 17th - Rockjungfer - Arnstadt
Oct 18th - Barnaby's - Braunschweig
Oct 19th - Art Cafe - Munster
Oct 23rd - Harmonie - Bonn (supporting Clem Clempson)
Oct 25th - Kulture Keniper Sabot - Wiesbaden
Oct 26th - Altes Kloster - Kelheim

'Two's Up' News


My Book, Two's Up, has been optioned for a film to be made in the UK next year. The production company is currently in negotiations with a well known Director. The BAFTA winning scriptwriter, Peter Corey, has already written a treatment and as soon as the finance is in place will commence writing the script. Keep watching this site for more information...

Hundred Seventy Split


Hundred Seventy Split featuring Leo Lyons and Joe Gooch formerly of Ten Years After.

Brand new tour dates across the World

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Last Shop Standing


For all of you who mourn the loss of the independent record shops, visit this site . Watch the trailer and maybe buy the DVD.



Please check out the second volume of Doc Togden's autobiography 'An Odd Boy', it's a cracking read.